What We Do (English)

French Lessons Organization

Our association provides French lessons in the buildings of the ENS de Lyon. Volounteers organize and give them with support from the « French as Foreign Language » department of the university, which has let us access to its pedagogical resources.

To follow these lessons, migrants have to suscribe, either at the beginning of the semester or later. Their level is evaluated to constitute smaller groups, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers who want to practice.

Itinérens currently provides lessons for several levels, from « A0 » (people who do not speak French at all) to B1-B2 in the European scale. Migrants also can attend alphabetization lessons to learn reading the Latin alphabet. Coming to up to 3 2h-lessons a week is possible. Each one is given by a duo of volounteers. All lessons take place at the ENS, in the Parvis René Descartes building, from 10 AM to 8 PM and from Monday to Friday.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe, please send an email to our mail adress itinerens.lyon [@] gmail.com.

Please precise, for each demand:

  • Coordinates to contact the person,
  • An estimation of his/her level of French,
  • His/her regular availabilities during the week.

It is also possible to call us to give this information.